Friday 5 October 2012

A Morning at the Bankerohan Public Market in Davao City

Thursday morning we we went to the Bankerohan Public Market for the first time. Our wonderful new friends Beth and Kurt were our guides. Here are some shots or our day.

This is the trike we took to get to the market.
Here is the open part of the market. Most of the fruit and veg is out like this.

This guy thanked us for taking his picture. :P Cooking oil and pop is sold in little bags sometimes.
Here they are burning coconut husks to make coals.

Here we entered the covered part of the market.

Huge fish heads!

Squid, or pusit.

So many kinds of fish! The amazing thing is that it didn't even smell bad. It was all super fresh.

Chicken heads and feet and some guts back there... no waste!

Spices and oils are sold in small quantities for those who live day-to-day.

This guys will carve up a pineapple for you to eat fresh for 10 to 15 pesos. (About 25-30 cents)


Eggs. Notice the bright purple ones further down. They are salted.

Lots of fresh veg! you can even buy it cut up, ready to cook.

Fresh ground coconut.

Tonnes of fruit! Here are bananas, papaya, apples, oranges and mangoes.


Lots of pomelos, some small jackfruit and durian on the side.
James got to ride on the motorcycle on the way home.

The boys squished into the back.

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