Sunday 22 March 2015

A to Z 2015 Theme Reveal

Greetings from Asia!

This blogging challenge was totally off my radar until about last week. I've really enjoyed them in the past but was thinking this year would be too much for me. I've only posted one blog since last year's challenge.

So here's the deal... I might not make it. Usually I schedule all my posts and put a lot of effort into them. This year we're making it up as we go! I happen to be on a business trip in Thailand and the Philippines for the month of April so my "theme" is live mobile uploads. 

That doesn't sound like much of a theme but I'll do the best I can to post something interesting and alphabetical every day. I have no idea where this will go. Also, I'll be posting in the timezone of my location which will be GMT+6 and GMT+7 instead of my home at GMT-6.