Sunday 5 February 2012

Photos: Three Days of Hoar Frost in Winnipeg

The last few days have had some pretty cool hoar frost here in Winnipeg. Makes for some fun photos!
A frosty leaf

Feb 2 - a little foggy
Feb 3 - very foggy
Feb 4 - clear!
Weird frost formation in some areas
Frost, not snow
On the drive home - second day of frost
Frost on Pine
Tall frost
Frost on greens
Frost in the park


  1. Beautiful photos...especially with the contrasting sky. My husband was in Winnipeg for military training most of last year, and holy CRAP is it cold there in the winter! I mean...I knew it was cold...but it's REALLY cold.

    1. Thanks! We've been having unusually warm temperatures lately. We got up to +7 on the weekend but it's going down to -28 this week. Crazy!