Friday 9 November 2012

Davao City Cultural Challenge

Last weekend some friends of ours took us on a Cultural Challenge of Davao City. Claire is originally from New Zealand (and worked with my husband a decade ago! Small world!) and has lived in Davao for three and a half years. Juvy is Filippina and went to school with Claire in New Zealand. They work together now.

Here we are with Juvy! We started at a bakery in the Bankerohan market.
These ladies made sausage super fast!
Me, trying to stuff sausage casings...

I have no idea how they do it so quickly! And here is Claire!

Evan held a pig's heart. On this tray are lungs, liver, kidneys, hearts, small intestines, large intestines and ovaries. All to be eaten. Nothing goes to waste!

In a pig's eye!

Dried fish is a big thing here!
Free taste test at some fruit vendors! Mmm... Rambutan...
Balut table with all the fixin's.

Balut is a duck egg that is allowed to form the embryo from about 10 to 20 days. It is then cooked and eaten.
And yes, we did try the balut. Here is proof:

Evan ate his way faster than I did mine.

A banka coming in to port.

Riding the banka.

Home with a river view.

Apparently this guy was looked at as special because he got to drive white people around on his trike. Sometimes I find the idolization of Americans (aka anyone white) a bit disturbing.

The Moon!

Mass at the "Holy Infant Jesus of Prague Shrine".

Juvy took a picture of Claire taking a picture of us looking towards Mount Apo. (Hidden by clouds, as per usual.)

Dangly tree up by Jack's Ridge.

The Monkey of Jack's Ridge.
View of Davao from Jack's Ridge.

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