Friday 15 February 2013


One of the perks of working for an international NGO is travel! I recently go to visit some colleges in Jakarta, Indonesia. I didn't get to do much exploring but here are a few photos of my experience...

The view of the Jakarta skyline from my hotel room. (Click to enlarge.)
A bathtub!!! I hadn't seen one since we left Canada.

Sundanese food. (Not Sudanese.) Potato and veg ball, chicken liver on a stick and a corn 'omelette'. It was all super tasty!

Right hand drive! This was the traffic on a lazy Sunday afternoon. :P

I took out one MILLION Rupiah! (About $100 CDN) I didn't spend it all but I might get to go again so it will get used eventually!

My first Tom Yum soup. I should have known to be cautious when the Indonesian server warned me that is was hot. SO SPICY! But so good. We love Filipino food but it does lack spice. So this was a fun adventure for my taste buds.

Jakarta at night.

This was one of the malls near our hotel. The really neat thing was that you could spiral up floor to floor on the central walking path. It was at a slight incline so you didn't need stairs!
After a few hours of rain one afternoon the highway by our hotel was partially flooded. I was going to walk out to get dinner but the sidewalks were flooded with shin-deep brown "water" so I stayed in that night. :P

An interesting concept that was brought up here was the idea of people from four seasons versus two. We hear about "warm cultures" versus "cold cultures" being starkly different. In this case it was an Indonesian that said the people from four season countries need to be good at planning. If you don't plan, you won't survive winter. In two season countries, you don't need to plan because everyday is kind of the same but you need to build good relationships with people around to help you out. He said we need each other; the four season people to make plans for the organization and the two season people to keep our relationships good with those we work with. It was pretty cool.

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