Thursday 21 March 2013

It's Almost April...

"April showers bring May flowers."

Or if you are a blogger April means it is time for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge!

Graphic by Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] via the A to Z Challenge site.

Speaking of spring... This year I'm living in the land of perpetual summer. Back home they're having one of the coldest and snowiest winters in a long time!

For this year's challenge my theme is Winnipeg versus Davao City!

Not in a way that we will try to prove which city is better or worse, but rather just look at some of the ways that they are different or the same. You might not think a city in central Canada would have much in common with a city in South East Asia, but then you would be surprised.

Davao City!
I'm hoping to use all my own photography but I'm not sure what I all have on file from Winnipeg that will highlight my topics or what I'll have time to shoot here in Davao. As usual, I will give credit where credit is due!

Used with permission, here is the schedule of posts:

Also made by Jeremy [Retro-Zombie].
Stay tuned and enjoy!