Monday 7 January 2013

Palawan New Years 2013: Day 3 - Pristine Beach

Pristine Beach. It might not be what you would expect, given the name. But it was a short walk from our hotel so we thought we'd just go take a look.

Pristine Beach

The driveway into the beach. Mangroves!
These piles of sand were everywhere. I'm pretty sure this 'beach' was actually a tidal flat.
This guy asked to have his picture taken with Evan.
He was the photographer for his friends.
Little hermit crab!
You can tell I stitched this by the waves. Click to enlarge!
Here is a full 360 of Pristine beach. Evan is in it twice. Click to enlarge! (Limited by your screen size)

And then we walked to Kinabuchs Grill for dinner. It was excellent but I didn't take any pictures. It is very touristy, like all of Puerto Princesa, but in an ok way. It's not overly cheesy or gaudy, but the town clearly caters to a "western" palate and there are white people everywhere! It was weird! We met New Zealanders, Norwegians, Japanese, Americans, Dutch, French, Filipino-Canadian from Montreal and I'm pretty sure I heard Russian next to us at a cafe once. As well as Filipinos from all over the country on vacation!

Stay tuned to find out if we made it to the Underground River...

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