Monday 7 January 2013

Palawan New Years 2013: Day 4 - Underground River!

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. So we thought maybe we should check it out. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our original tour was cancelled by the coast guard because of bad weather. We spent the whole day not knowing if we would be able to visit this National Park or not. Long story short, yes, we got to go!!!

The boats waiting for their turn.

On the way up we made a stop and I saw my first squirrel since leaving Canada! He was in a cage, which made me sad, but then I saw one climbing a tree on the way back and that was awesome.
There were very tall palms.
Interesting mountains all along the coast. You have to take a small boat from one are to the more secluded area where the underground river meets the South China Sea.
The landing beach is beautiful!
Here is a map of the river. The tour is only the first kilometre.
There are Macaques everywhere.
Also a bunch of Monitor lizards.
He's coming at you!
The monkeys seem fairly tame but someone did get bitten on the hand while we were there.
The mouth of the river is gorgeous.
Inside it is too dark to get a decent photograph but here it the opening of the cave! You go in on those little canoe-like boats that hover a couple of inches above the water. The rock formations inside are fascinating and kind of scary. There are about a gazillion bats that mostly sleep during the day but there were always a couple swooping above our heads. Their wings make no noise but you can here them clicking. So cool!
Our tour guide was happy to take pictures of us posing by the water.
This gnarly tree was growing down into the river.
I think she's waiting for treats.
Basking in the afternoon sun. (I love how this shot turned out!)
I snapped this in the van on the way back. From our limited experiences, it would seem that Palawan is more agricultural than Mindanao. At least, as far as livestock goes. They raise more cattle so the beef and dairy is way better and cheaper. Most of ours is imported from New Zealand, Australia or the US.

I've got one more post coming about our last dinner on Palawan...

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