Monday 5 August 2013

Announcement: I've Started Running

For some of you out there in Internet land, running is no big deal. Lots of bloggers write about fitness and the amazing things they do. I tend to write about travel and cookies and movies. I've never been known for my athletic abilities. To this day, my greatest physical feat was that time I served the winning point at the finals in junior high volleyball.

Here is why I've started running:

You see those mountains in the distance? I'm going to climb one. Mt. Apo. The highest peak in the Philippines. This is the view of my goal from my running path. It is a pretty sweet motivator.

I've put on weight since we've moved to Davao. Kind of a rice belly, I think. Some rice has gotten into my thighs, too. It's sad. But that wasn't enough. I still found excuses to be lazy. Before we came here I read about Mt Apo and made it my goal to climb it. I've realized there is no way I will survive in this shape so I've started training. We have friends from here who will help us plan the climb and we've learned that early spring here is the best time. I have about eight months to prepare.

Thankfully this is not a difficult mountain to climb. There are three main paths to the top and we are opting for the easiest one. I have no interest in becoming a mountaineer, but that peak taunts me. I also do not plan to run marathons, although this post by the Oatmeal was inspiring: (Warning: Please note that he uses some strong language at times and draws crass pictures.) I, too, fear the Blerch.

My plan right now is to go running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then do yoga for strengthening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm allowing myself weekends off and will not beat myself up if a miss a day here or there. I need to ease into this if I'm going to stick to the plan.

Did I mention that I run in a cemetery? It's the closest place from our house to run. Davao doesn't exactly have sidewalks in residential areas and the best park for running is a ways away. So I walk up to the Cemetery and join the other joggers. Seriously. I even see people walking their dog and kids biking. More on that later...

My plan is to talk a bit more about the challenges and perks of running here over the next while. I hope making this public will add to my accountability and motivation. If any of you have tips for me, I am so open to suggestions!


  1. Ah, sounds like a plan, Bonnie. What a beautiful place to run. LeAnn and I walked through that cemetery on the way home from the market. So pretty.

    So, I do have a tip, and that is that I've found chocolate counteracts rice belly syndrome. You have to eat a good deal of chocolate for it to work properly.

    1. That tip sounds rather suspicious... We have found some local chocolate that is quite nice. Malagos is about a half hour away from the city and there they grow and process their own chocolate. They sell a 65% dark bar that is quite lovely.