Monday 12 August 2013

Running to Apo: Climate Challenge

As previously mentioned, my goal is to climb Mt Apo in spring. My current training ground is the nearby cemetery. It makes for an interesting run.

I think that pig is tied to a rejected cement coffin or something. There are a few of these leading up to the cemetery. Today was the first time I saw a pig here.

Climate is one of the challenges of running outside here. The weather is always hot and humid, plus there is a good chance it rained the night before. 

We are getting into the "cooler" months now so the daily highs are usually around 32° and the overnight lows are around 23°. (With 70-90% humidity.) Some people will go running at 5am to beat the heat but I am NOT a morning person! I manage to make it out around 7am. It's usually still quite pleasant and there is often a breeze as the cemetery is very open and in a higher part of town.

As I write this, it is pouring rain outside. That means the paved parts can be slippery and the non-paved parts can be muddy. I've decided that I can't make excuses like that for not going out. If I did, I wouldn't make it out half the time! So I try to be nimble and accept that I'll do a lot of laundry. My spanky new running shoes will get dirty but I they are washable so just do it! (I'll talk about my shoes in another post. No, they are not Nikes.)

Back in Winnipeg, the climate challenges would be so different! Four extreme seasons and all... Here it's almost always the same from one day to the next but that sameness is its own challenge.

Tomorrow is yoga day so no worries about the rain!

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