Friday 17 January 2014

Vietnam for Christmas! Day 4 - Ho Chi Minh City

Merry Christmas! Our fourth day in Vietnam was Christmas day. We spend the day wandering around Saigon and ended the day at the airport to fly up to Hoi An.

We started with another lovely breakfast at the hotel.

Amazing bread!

Then we went off in search of the Bitexco tower. We kept seeing it along the skyline so decided to investigate.

We saw that thing everywhere!
Alyssa called it; that IS a helipad!
View from the observation deck.
Our next mission was to find the fabled "Lunch Lady". We learned about her from Tony and heard from a few fellow tourists that she was worth the trek.

Saigon has lovely sidewalks!
You can buy your pet fish along the sidewalk.
She only makes one soup each day. There is no menu. You also get fresh and fried spring rolls. Drinks are optional. It is true; it is so worth the search! Some people say it's hard to find but if you've got Google Maps, you'll be fine.

The Lunch Lady is pretty obvious once you get there.
We wandered some more and came across other interesting sites.

Notre Dame.
Some random hoity-toity mall.

Lots of art shops in Vietnam!
Average street in Vietnam.
Our evening was spent at the airport. Two delays kept us up later than we hoped but we made it safely to Hoi An eventually...

This was in the airport on the 'other' side of security. Perhaps this was the inspiration for "Snakes on a Plane".
Merry Christmas from Vietnam!


  1. I had no idea Notre Dame was in Vietnam. Also, is that a giant snake, in plastic?

    1. The basilica is sort of a replica. Apparently the bricks were brought in from Marseilles. And yes, that is a frozen snake for sale in a plastic container.