Friday 17 January 2014

Vietnam for Christmas! Day 5 - Hoi An

We really only had one day in Hoi An. (Two sleeps.) So we just did the touristy things. And boy-o was this a touristy town!

Being super touristy.
I'm sure the outer part of town is more normal but the old section where everyone goes is basically just a bunch of tourist shops. For Hoi An that means tailors. If we had more time, I'd have a whole new wardrobe! They make everything. Even shoes. I wish we had more time for that. As it was, I got a car coat (cotton/wool twill with silk satin lining and trim) and Alyssa got a silk kimono (hence forth knows as the Komodo dragon).

Part of the old town.
Tony let us know that Hoi An had some of the best bánh mì in the country. There was a little stall in the central market that he visited. We looked for it but couldn't find the exact location so we ate at what we could find. It turns out that the original shop expanded and moved so were at the right place!

Phuong Banh Mi.

And oh my goodness it was so delicious! The bread was a perfect mini French baguette and the layers of filling was so tasty! Lots of fresh veg, different kinds of meat, a fried egg and some kind of spicy sauce. Amazing.

Best. Sandwiches. Ever.

After lunch we wandered around the town some more.

Colourful lanterns for sale.
Old town shopping.
Boats, boats, boats!
Besides Evan's lovely pose, we see the old Japanese bridge and some ladies in a little boat.
The infamous endangered Hoi An Hippo reserve pond.


  1. I need to try that sandwich. Looks like I need a passport and a plane ticket.