Tuesday 23 April 2013

A to Z 2013: Trees

For the month of April I will be blogging alphabetically with the theme of Winnipeg versus Davao City. Not to prove a winner but simply to explore the differences and similarities between my home town and my current location.

T is for Trees!

Palms and others in Davao.

This is another case of same but different. Both Davao and Winnipeg are very green cities when it comes to flora. There are trees everywhere! It is one of the things that I really love about both of my homes. From travelling to other places I've come to realize that I appreciate cities with lots of green. If a city does not have much for trees, I feel like I'm in some kind of sci-fi dystopian world.

You won't find these trees in Davao. Even without the frost!

As for different, well, different kinds of trees. Winnipeg and Davao have virtually opposite climates and that means we don't grow the same plants. Winnipeg is classified as having a "humid continental" climate whereas Davao has a "tropical rain forest" climate.

These trees are all over Davao. They fold 'open' their leaves during the day and 'close' them at night.
Buds on trees means Spring in Winnipeg!
Lots of trees line this street just around the corner from our place in Davao.
Green trees makes it feel more like summer in Winnipeg.
Downtown Davao as seen from The Peak at G-Mall.

Winnipeg: downtown to the right, airport to the left. Lots of houses under that green canopy.


  1. We're just starting to get buds on the trees around my house. I'm very happy to see them as it felt like a very long winter.

    1. It was a long winter! We are happy to have missed it. :)

  2. I went halfway across the country earlier this month. I was sooo shocked to see the difference in the plants there. Cactus everywhere, palm trees instead of oak, mountains as far as I could see. It was amazing but very surprising.

    1. It is really cool how terrain and climate can change so quickly and how that affects everything.