Saturday 20 April 2013

A to Z 2013: Restaurants

For the month of April I will be blogging alphabetically with the theme of Winnipeg versus Davao City. Not to prove a winner but simply to explore the differences and similarities between my home town and my current location.

R is for Restaurants!

Coconut curry covered crab at Grab-a-Crab in Davao.
SAME! Well, same but different. Both Winnipeggers and Davaoeños love to eat out at restaurants and there is a lot to choose from in both of these cities. The selection is a bit different, though.

Steak at Chop in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has a lot of steak houses, lots of Indian, Italian, sushi, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Chinese... recently there have been some good Mexican, Spanish, Southern BBQ... plus a few Korean, Ethiopian, Australian and of course fusion places.

Picabellos at JS Gaisano is a popular Italian place in Davao.

Davao has more Japanese, Korean, Filipino (duh), and seafood joints. Plus general Mediterranean, European and Asian places.

The Swiss Deli in Davao has an amazing selection of European eats.

I can only think of three cross-overs right now... Pizza Hut, McDonald's and KFC are in both cities.

Evan tells me that Winnipeg used to have Shakey's but Davao was the first time I had it!

If you happen to like Surf 'n Turf, you'll need to visit both places. Davao has the fresh Surf and Winnipeg has the fresh Turf. Food is one of the most fun things about travel.

We used to enjoy brunch at the Star Conservatory in Winnipeg.
Sydney's at The Forks in Winnipeg was a fun treat.
In Davao, you can go out for Durian!
The Mediterranean Cafe in Davao actually has food from countries all around the sea, not just Greece! It has always driven me nuts that Mediterranean food meant just Greek. There are so many great cuisines around that little sea!

Bon Appetit is one of our absolute favourite places to eat at in Davao!
If you go early enough to the Outback Grill, you can see Mt Apo.
If you go later on Friday or Saturday, you can watch the fire dancers. Either way they have the best burgers and steaks in Davao.


  1. Now I'm hungry, for food and a great view!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Nice to meet you Bonnie via the A to Z

  2. By the look on your face in the one picture I am trying to figure out if you like the durian or want it taken from the vicinity immediately (but I hear it's much yummier than it smells).

    1. That photo was taken just before we actually bit into it. Evan has had it before and doesn't really like it but is not grossed out by it either. I thought it was odd and interesting that first time. I've had it once since then and it was better. Sweeter. I'm starting to kind of like the smell of it. That's weird, right?

  3. That crab looked amazing! We used to have Shakey's in Iowa when I was growing up, but then they all closed. When we were in Japan a couple of years ago, we were amused to see Shakey's there. My husband even took a picture with the sign.

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

    1. The crab was tasty! We enjoy the two for one deal with Shakey's Supercard. :)

  4. Now I'm hungry. I guess that's karma because I sent a video of the food I helped grill to a friend earlier, and made her hungry. Time to go get a midnight snack!