Friday 6 January 2012

Eating Out: Chop

Chop Steakhouse is one of our favourite restaurants in the city. My husband and I get out here a few times a year to enjoy great food and a nice atmosphere. It's not super cheap but it's a fraction of the cost of going out to 529! It is my understanding that this franchise is not as good in other cities. We've heard how bad the Calgary location is from a few different people. Sorry Calgary Chop! Winnipeg rocks the beef. Probably Alberta beef.
This is one of those places where I want to eat everything on the menu! Admittedly, I nearly always order the petite filet ($29). They recently stopped making the scalloped potatoes as a side. It was our favourite! The infused mashed potato is also very tasty. Even the rice pilaf is quite nice.
This time I opted for the sauteed mushrooms ($4.50) to go with my steak. They were the best mushrooms I've ever had and I love mushrooms! The vegetable side is usually quite good but the squash was a little under cooked and the broccoli rather bland. But the steak... Oh the steak! The outer edges seared slightly crisp hold in the juicy, melty, soft, perfectly pink meat. The red wine reduction is a lovely savoury addition to this already delicious entree.
Despite being very full, we decided to split dessert. The trio ($10)! This includes a sliver of their chocolate cake, raspberry crème brulée and Caribbean rum cake. They are all quite nice but the rum cake is my favourite.
We also had great wine... I'll talk about that in separate posts.

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