Saturday 21 January 2012

Food: Canned Pistachio

We went to De Luca's this afternoon. My husband found these and had to show me:

Yup. Canned pistachios. "Greek Traditional Fruit Sweets in Syrup." This confused my brain. Pickled nuts? We had to buy them.

They looked more like green olives or something. And tasted like... well, as it turns out, turpentine can be tapped from Pistacia. I normally love pistachios! But these little buggers stuffed in sugary syrup were weird. Weird and icky.  I am no less confused. I don't recommend these.  Unless I missed something. Any one know how to eat these guys so they don't make me gag?
P.S. The fresh buffalo mozzarella we got here was good. Not quite as good as in Italy, but more flavourful than cow's milk mozza. We plan to have an epic salad tomorrow for lunch. :)


  1. They look...shiny. And wrong. Do you have a dog you can feed them to?

  2. They look delicious to me, but looks are not everything as they often tell me.

  3. They are shiny. It's all the syrup. The nuts are kind of soft. Just so weird.

    And no, we' don't have a dog or any other pets or small children to feed them to. Maybe at the next dinner party we go to we can leave them next to some cheese and crackers. :P