Sunday 8 January 2012

Photos: A January Day at the Zoo

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is currently under a fair bit of construction for the new "Journey to Churchill" project but it turns out that a mild winter afternoon is pretty much the best time to appreciate the animals. Especially the big cats! The baby tigers and lynxes were very active and super cute! Here are a few pix my hubby and I took. (If you click on the images, you should get larger versions.)
Young Canadian Lynx

Toucan? Birds are in free-flight in Toucan Ridge.
Squirrel Monkey
Me, taking a picture of a blue bird.
Blue Bird
Bactrian Camel
Funny looking old camel
Me in my most common state.
Mama tiger with one of her cubs.


  1. Last time I was at the zoo, I saw a camel spit at some guy, it was funny!!

  2. I feel like I have been with you. The clarity of your pictures is wonderful.

  3. I have yet to go to the zoo this miss it! But the boys have only recently been well enough to go anywhere, and it is finally warm...but school has escalated for hubby as he graduates in 5 weeks so it is a no go!