Friday 6 January 2012

Wine: Castillo De Monseran, Grenache (Spain)

Bodegas San Valero, Castillo de Monseran, Garnacha (CariƱena, Spain)
Ok, so "Bodegas San Valero" is the winery... "Castillo de Monseran" might refer to a brand or vineyard maybe... Garnacha (AKA Grenache) is definitely the grape varietal. Sometimes wine is confusing. (FYI, the title of this post is as listed on the menu at Chop, the top of this post is what I found on the MLCC and LCBO sites.) If anyone out there can clarify this, I am all ears!

Regardless of its heritage, this was an amazing wine! One of the most interesting I've tried in a long time. (Technically it was my hubby's but we share.) Its bouquet was incredibly sweet and fruity. Very black cherry. And yet it is only a slightly sweet wine on the palate. It is listed as a medium-body red yet it is very rich with deep flavour. I highly recommend trying a glass of this!