Friday 4 April 2014

A to Z 2014: Entertainment

{For the month of April I will be blogging alphabetically on the topic of travel tips.}

Are you not entertained? No? Then bring some with you!

No matter how epic and exciting your trip plans may be, there is a chance you will want some down time. At the very least, you might be killing some time in airports.

Reading on a train.

This was the tipping point for me having an e-book. I was one of those that claimed to like paper and ink. And then all the travel started. It turns out that content is far more important than medium. I can now have hundreds of books with me at anytime in less space or weight than a traditional paperback. If you travel a lot and you like reading, get one.

If you want to truly veg, bring a device that can hold movies or tv shows! A laptop is great if you're travelling with one anyway... if not, a tablet or even smart phone will do for those times you are overwhelmed by all the amazingness of your adventure.

Please get a headphone splitter if more than one of you is going to partake in audio media. No one else wants to listen to your music or movie or whatever. Don't be rude. :) You can get multi-outlet headphone splitters to share the fun!

Also, if you plan to use your devices for long periods of time (flights, navigation, entertainment...) you might consider getting a portable battery charger. We picked one up recently and it has been a life saver!


  1. Great post - keeping yourself occupied during long train rides etc... is essential! I recently switched to an e-reader and although my friends don't "get it" the device is awesome. I can carry hundreds of books at once in the space of one paperback. We always have a tough time deciding how many electronics to bring with us when traveling, however after a couple long trips I refuse to give up my ipod or e-reader.

    1. Now that things are getting so small and light it's easy to have a lot of media with you. Of course, it depends on how long of a trip you're taking.

  2. Love my kindle for travel - and since I live abroad it's extra special since I can buy books easily from the US store. And I don't have to store anything in my tiny apartment.

    We do need a lot to distract us from the world.

    1. Yes, living in temporary places also means you might not want to have piles of books to deal with!

      I would hope we don't need to be distracted, but rather enriched when we have time in places where you can't do anything else. :)