Sunday 6 April 2014

A to Z 2014: Food

{For the month of April I will be blogging alphabetically on the topic of travel tips.}

There are so many reasons to travel. So many. One of my absolute favourites is the food. There are flavours around the world that you haven't experienced yet! Go find them!

Thailand is so tasty!
Bring along some tummy drugs and then try all the things!!!

Cappuccino by the Coliseum
Cream Tea in England
Champion Fighting Cock* soup and rolls in Saigon
*We made up that name because it was so delicious and the chicken leg so huge.
Gnocchi in Italy

Tex-Mex in Texas
Bread, wine and cheese in France
Fresh bread in Morocco
Haggis in Scotland
Red curry coconut soup in Thailand
Insalata Caprese
Khmer stew in a coconut in Cambodia
Feast with Lechon in Cebu
Deep dish pizza in Chicago
Moroccan mint tea
Korean hotpot
Balut in the Philippines
Bánh mì in Hoi An
Fresh crab in San Francisco

Gelato in Venice
Tom Yum soup so spicy
Indonesian corn cake and liver on a stick
Duck in BC
Hill tribe meal in Lanna
Adobo on Palawan
Teh Tarik in Malaysia

I could go on...


  1. That made me hungry. There are very few things I'm not willing to try (bugs, blood, anything still alive, anything I have to pick to die...). But people who don't try new things in new areas confuse me. I may work in a chain restaurant (as of today!) but I darn sure won't eat at one while traveling!

    1. I know, right? Food is so cultural. A major part of the travel experience.

  2. So many delicious dishes! My boyfriend and I both love to try new foods when traveling and really consider it an attraction in itself. Great post!

  3. My best travel experiences are usually food-related. I'm half-Filipino, but I personally haven't tried Balut. Can't do it.

    But, that Korean hot pot you pictured? I want that right now.

  4. Yum! Well, all except the balut - you are braver than me! Thai and Italy are hard to beat for food, aren't they?
    Donna On Palawan @ Quintessential San Diego From A to Z

    1. I want to agree with you on Thai and Italian but then I think about all the other cultures with amazing dishes and I get overwhelmed! :P

  5. Food is definitely one of the reasons I travel. I really want to eat the Lechon pig! Yum!