Sunday 27 April 2014

A to Z 2014: X-Ray

{For the month of April I will be blogging alphabetically on the topic of travel tips.}

If you fly, your stuff will have to pass through an x-ray machine. Please be prepared for this before it is your turn to put your shoes in the trey.

Carry on liquids.

To be fair, not all airports have the exact same policies about what you have to take out of your bag. Some are more picky than others. Major international hubs tend to be the sticklers. If you're in a little small town domestic port it might not be as intense.

Either way, some of the things you should pack in such a ways as they are easily accessible from your carry-on are laptop, liquids (in a 1L or smaller sealed clear bag in 100ml or smaller bottles) and other electronics. I've had my eBook questioned a few times.

Laptop goes in its own trey.
One should also be prepared to take off any other metals such as watches and belts. Some places will make you take off your shoes. Don't be that person who is scrambling at the last minute to organize all your stuff once you get up to the conveyor belt. And don't even think of bringing scissors in your carry-on! Sharp objects go in checked.

Also be prepared to go through security checks at various points in the airport. In the Philippines everyone entering the airport building has to go through a metal detector and all bags get scanned. There is always the security scan between the check-in area and departure lounge. Plus, some places will have another scanning checkpoint at the gate.


  1. I wish someone would remind everyone in front of me to take all that off...sooooo annoying!

    1. I know, right? There are signs everywhere! I try to tell myself that this must be their first trip so good for them for at least going somewhere. :P