Wednesday 4 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: D

A rainbow over Dominica ~ photo by Chris Loewen

Wine of the day: Dolcetto (Italian, red, dry {I have NOT tried this})

Cheese of the day: Danbo (Danish, semi-soft {I actually don't remember if I've tried this or not})

Fruit of the day: Dates (Mmm... date squares...)

Movie of the day: "Darjeeling Limited" (A Wes Anderson flick about brothers reuniting on a train trip through India. Quote: "I love you, too, but I'm gonna mace you in the face!")

Album of the day: "Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack"
(Lovely collection of Indian, French and classic American rock tunes.) 

Book of the day: "Decipher" by Stel Pavlou (Geeky sci-fi end-of-the-world epic that hops continents, but begins and ends on Antarctica.)

Country of the day: Dominica (A small island in the Caribbean. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. One of my cousins went to med school here. It's not very touristy but very lush and unspoiled.)

Boats in Dominica ~ photo by Chris Loewen


  1. Bonnie,

    Great photos! Makes me want to go on vacation. :)

    Found you on the a to z, will be back to read more!

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