Tuesday 17 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: O

"Our Man in Havana" by Graham Greene ~ image courtesy of goodreads.

Wine of the day: Öküzgözü (Turkish, red, ageable, dry {I have NOT tried this})

Cheese of the day: Oštiepok (Slovakian smoked sheep {I have NOT tried this})

Fruit of the day: Olive (It's a fruit. Probably would go nice with a smoked cheese.)

Movie of the day: "Office Space" (This inspirational movie got me through some hard times in the past.)

Album of the day: "O" by Damien Rice (I'm actually not all that familiar with this whole album, but "Blower's Daughter" is so darkly beautiful...)

Book of the day: "Our Man in Havana" by Graham Greene (It's an unlikely spy novel. Hilarious at times and yet very dark at other moments. It's a classic. Also, it's film version was the last Hollywood movie shot in Cuba.)

Country of the day: Oman (Oh, man! I think of that every time I see/hear about this country. I know very little about it but it's the only one that starts with 'o' in the English language. Apparently it is one of the most developed and stable of the Arab countries. And not many tourists visit their pristine beached. Maybe you should go check it out.)


  1. I have that Damien Rice album if you ever want to have a listen! It's pretty mellow. Also I'm SO glad you chose Our Man in Havana for the O book. I just finished reading it last night and now can't wait to watch the movie with you!

    1. Yeah, I should really hear the whole thing. :P Let's set a movie date!