Tuesday 24 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: U

Burj Khalifa ~ Photo by Raenice*

Wine of the day: Uva di Troia (Italian, white {I have NOT tried this})

Cheese of the day: Urdă (Romanian, fresh {I have NOT tried this})

Fruit of the day: Ugni (The "strawberry flavour" plant! {I have NOT tried this})

Movie of the day: "Unbreakable" (My favourite of M. Night Shyamalan's work.)

Album of the day: "Universe in Reverse" by Infadels (My opinion is that the writing was better for "We Are Not the Infadels" album, but this has better vocals. "'Free things for poor people', that's what she said, 'all the gold you're wearing won't save you in the end'..." They make really weird videos but awesome music.)

Book of the day: "Undead and Unwed" by MaryJanice Davidson (This is the first in an urban fantasy series about a new vampire in modern-day Minneapolis. It is hilarious! Bit racy at times.)

Country of the day: United Arab Emirates (The home of one of the most decadent cities we've seen in modern history. Dubai boasts the tallest building in the world {Burj Khalifa - featured in MI4},  the only 7 star luxury hotel in the world {Burj Al Arab}, the largest mall in the world {Dubai Mall} and man-made islands in the shape of the world {World Islands} which are sinking back into the gulf. Abu Dhabi also sounds fascinating and is fun to say.)

Sunset in the UAE desert ~ Photo by Raenice*
Burj Khalifa at night ~ Photo by Raenice*
*All United Arab Emerites photos graciously provided by Raenice from The International Diva and Life, Love and the Persuit of Publication.  Go check her out! She actually lives in Abu Dhabi!

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