Friday 20 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: R

"The Road to Mars" by Eric Idle ~ image courtesy of goodreads

Wine of the day: Reisling (German, white and sweet)

Cheese of the day: Ricotta (Italian soft cheese. Easiest cheese to make at home. I've made this while trying to make mozzarella a few times... :P)

Fruit of the day: Rhubarb (A tangy treat!)

Movie of the day: "Reign of Assassins" (This is basically a Shakespearean story but with awesome Kung Fu. Watch it. Go watch it now.)

Album of the day: "Red Moon Road" by Red Moon Road (A new up-and-coming Winnipeg band! Lead singer is Sheena Rattai, whom I know personally. She is awesome. Amazing voice, gorgeous and super friendly!)

Book of the day: "Road to Mars" by Eric Idle (One of my favourite novels! It's a sci-fi story about travelling comedians and their robot who is trying to understand humour.)

Country of the day: Russia (The largest country on the planet by area and eighth by population. Another nation with a rather tumultuous past. Still, their cultural influence on the world is undeniable. Another item on my bucket list is to travel via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Moscow to Shanghai, baby!)


  1. Not a big fan of Reisling since I prefer the dry wines but I do love ricotta : ) And Russia's on my list of places to go. My brother in law and sister in law lived there for two years (Moscow) and hubs got to visit but I never did. Sigh. Have a nice weekend!

    1. My hubby has been to a few countries that I haven't and in some cases, will never be able to... Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, East Germany...

      I'm really enjoying your Asian tea tour blogs! Awesome photos. :)

  2. Your pictures are as striking as they are varied. I love this! The Moroccan one was my favorite. I wish I could visit one day.

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

    1. Thanks so much! You really should get to Morocco. It's amazing!