Wednesday 11 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: J

Waterfall in the Blue Mountains. That's me on the far right side. ~ Photo by Evan Falk

Wine of the day: Jacquère (French, white {I have NOT tried this})

Cheese of the day: Jarlsberg (Norweigen, semi-soft)

Fruit of the day: Jackfruit (Spikey!)

Movie of the day: "Juno" (A story about figuring out who you are.)

Album of the day: "The Joshua Tree" by U2

Book of the day: "Jhereg" by Steven Brust (Sci-fi that reads like fantasy. Has dragon-like creatures.)

Country of the day: Jamaica (An island of diversity. Ian Fleming famously penned many of his James Bond novels here. They have a variety of exports but remain wracked with poverty. Kingston, the capital, is not recommended for tourist travel due to street violence and theft. Still, it is a beautiful land with great dive sites!)

A sea turtle we saw while scuba diving. ~ Photo by Bonnie Falk
Palm trees on the beach at night. ~ Photo by Evan Falk


  1. Stopped by for the A-Z challenge. A little stumped what the theme is or how "J" pertains to the photo. Is it a visual scavenger hunt or a place name?

    1. Whoa! As soon as I posted that a whole bunch of photos popped up on the page! Now itmakes sense. : )

  2. Hi, cool pictures! Love the waterfall! Best regards to you... Ruby

  3. Loved Jamaica!

    We want to go back sometime soon!

    I am trying to read all the A to Z blogs, but coming back to the ones I really like.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month!

    The Other Side
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  4. Does the waterfalls name start with J? Is it in the Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I think I need to better label my photos... There has been some confusion from a few people. :P They are all of Jamaica!