Friday 27 April 2012

Blogging from A to Z: X

Singapore! ~ Photo by Ronnela Mendoza

Wine of the day: Xinomavro (Greek, red {I have NOT tried this})

Cheese of the day: Xynomizithra (Greek, soft, sheep or goat {I have NOT tried this})

Fruit of the day: Xigua (Chinese watermelon {I've had watermelon... not sure if the Chinese variety is different...})

Movie of the day: "X-Men 2" (The best of the X-Men movies, in my opinion. Although "First Class" was pretty good and put me 3 degrees away from Kevin Bacon. {Bacon -> Brenden Fehr -> my friend that went to school with Brenden here in Winnipeg -> me!} )

Album of the day: "X & Y" by Coldplay (Coldplay, the band you hate to love...)

Book of the day: "Xenocide" by Orson Scott Card (The third in the popular sci-fi "Ender's Game" series. You definitely have to read the first one for the rest to make any sense at all.)

Country of the day: Xinjiapo* (*AKA Singapore, in Chinese. I was going to use this for 's' anyway but moved it here because it's best I could do for 'x'. This is a tiny city-nation in South-East Asia that is very wealthy, clean and safe. It also has some odd strictly enforced laws like "no spitting in public", "no chewing gum", "no possession of pornography" and "you must flush a toilette after you use it". Kind of wish we had some of that here. But I'll skip the MANDATORY death penalty for murder and a few other major crimes. Yikes!)

{Here is something uber random from Singapore. It makes me smile so hard!}


  1. That's cool! Stopping by from A - Z Blogger Challenge. Happy Friday to you:)

  2. A play on words? Water pouring from Simba? Very funny picture.

    1. I hadn't thought of the pun, but maybe! It is the "Lion City". :)

  3. You really can't "spite" in public there? What does that look like?

    1. Yeah, you know, you can't be all like "I'm going to do this even though you say I can't! Ha!" You have to keep all your spiteful acts at home. :P

      Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it. :)